About DNC

Do Nothing Curating is dedicated to research and mediation of art as a medium in the relationship human-environment. For this DNC operates as an online platform, on which artistic and academic findings are juxtaposed. The text-based contributions are published regularly. Out of the juxtapositions and the contributions themselves DNC invites international author to contribute subsequent essays.

The core of DNC is the question for sustainable artistic production. The science of and the field of ecology is both object of interest to DNC, as well as litmus test for aesthetic, social and economic models of sustainability in the arts. Art is understood as both as an aesthetic depiction of the human relationship to the environment as well as an active agent that shapes that very same relationship. In the spirit of environmental sustainability, the conditions of art and artistic production are investigated from social, ecological, economic, but also empirical standpoints as are artistic or theoretical models of sustainability in their regard.

DNC aims to grow indefinitely and serve as a repository of knowledge as well as a research tool for the field of sustainability studies in the arts.

DNC is run by:

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